Monday, October 10, 2011

The Deptford Machine

Deptford X arts festival has finished but there is still some stuff to see for the next week or so. Unmissable at Utrophia (120 Deptford High Street) is Ben Parry's The Deptford Machine, an amazing sculpture in motion assembled from 'junk' found in and around Deptford. It's all very Heath Robinson, with bike wheels, bits of an old sewing machine, piano parts, a drum, a clock, a guitar, toys and much more. It's a sound piece as well as a feast for the eyes, with the bits of old musical instruments setting off odd beats and melodies.

I believe it's open until next Saturday, so try and take a look. There were quite a few curious passers-by checking it out on Saturday last, it's seems to have captured people's imaginations beyond the usual Deptford arterati.

See also: Crosswhatfields? 'We love the Deptford Machine'.

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