Wednesday, October 05, 2011

More Venue Flyers

I've put some flyers from the Venue in New Cross 1990s indie heyday here before (and here), here's some more courtesy of their Facebook site where there's even more. I was there fairly regularly, getting two buses from Brixton to make it and usually having a drink at the New Cross Inn or Dewdrop Inn before heading in. Clearly some amazing bands played there and sometimes I was present, but it was never just about the bands. Half the time I was dancing in the smaller bar upstairs or standing chatting on the stairs when some group who later headlined Glastonbury were playing.

Some of the line ups too look incredible now, not just headliners but some of the support acts. Look at this from 1994 - Oasis, Shed Seven and Cast all on the same night in May. Love them or hate them but all three became pretty big. Similarly Ultramarine, Transglobal Underground and Dreadzone. Or Prolapse supporting Heavenly. I saw Heavenly at the Venue, but think it was before this gig in '94.

Napalm Death in 1990:
November 1991 I was at that Chumbawamba gig I think, certainly saw them there. Also saw Spiritualized there, but again not sure it was that night (think when I saw them they were still called Spiritualized Electric Mainline with Laika supporting)

I was at that Monochrome Set gig in December 1991:
Jonathan Richman played there in 1992:

Pulp supported Lush in the same year:

Blur supported Ruff, Ruff and Ready in 1990 (see also Canadian punk band DOA's final gig in UK):

If I had a time machine, I'd probably choose to go back to 1992 and see disco divas Kelly Marie and Tina Charles:


Deptford Dame said...

Ah, the Monochrome Set. Never quite got the attention they deserved imo..

Anonymous said...

Such a shame that they don't have decent bands on there any more. Any idea why that is? What changed?

Darren Norris said...

Remember all if these. Had to make sure we got our flyers for the next week to get in cheaper.

Anonymous said...

The Venue New Cross was indie music Heven at that time, DJ's Britvic and Harry Day in the Top Bar (Star Bar) got us digging it, the main Stage Moshing it,Happy Happy Days.