Friday, February 18, 2005

I Swear I Was There at The Venue!

An acquaintance of mine is coming back to south-east London for a quick holiday after three years or so in American and he asked "What's new?"

"Well," we said, "beer's gone up, fox hunting is meant to be banded, you can't laugh at Bible botherers anymore and the pubs still aren't open 24 hours because there's worries about people getting drunk."

I was being a bit of an old misery. What I should have told him, and him being an ex-New Crosser he would have understood, is that the Venue is doing proper music again! Friday 18th was a great night, the vaulted basement bar is a slightly arabesque (I love that word) features, the crowd where the usual mix of local scenesters, from non-smiley young boys (who we laughed and pointed at) to girls who love to hit the dressing-up box to so many other weird and wonderful people. The bands were all loveable, from the multi-instrumental, experimental punk noise from Mitten, to the cheeky on-stage banter and sheer love of being there from both the ever-gorgeous cartoon-punksters The Blue Minkies and the boppy Raw Sex (as in the Roland Riveron duo) of The Fucks.

So let’s do that again! Angular are planning another night at The Venue in March but before then those other punk-providers I Swear I Was There are putting Lovell’s Wharf, SONY (Somewhere Outside New York), Fine Lines and The Idle Lovers on at The Venue on Friday 4th March from 9pm with multiple DJ’s. Entry is £3. The Venue is on the New Cross Road, giggers go to the side entrance on Clifton Rise.


Anonymous said...

Great nite...tho I wasnt smitten by mitten... but...The Fucks are the dogs bo**ox

Scott Wood said...
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Scott Wood said...

I like that you've quite happily typed out 'The Fucks' but got a bit shy when describing them as 'the dogs bollox'. Bless you.

We can agree to disagree about Mitten, the great god Pan knows that we don’t all need top agree with each other, I love a bit of angry, arty experimentalism but I’m glad that not every band were like that on the night.