Monday, February 21, 2005

Gluerooms & Scaledown

I've not got round to photographing the new poster for the Gluerooms but it's a good one. Loads of horses are going into the top of a grinder and coming out as glue (or dog-food, I suppose) at the bottom. Is this a commemorative Charles and Camilla poster?

Presumably down to February being a sawn-off runt of a month, they are not running on the last Wednesday of the month, as is their present set-up, but the first Wednesday of March, the 2nd.

Pay £3 from 9pm at the door of The Amersham Arms, Amersham Road, New Cross (just by New Cross station bridge) and you will get a live ‘ticky tape set’ from DJ Tendraw & The Gypsies Dog & No Disco and live music from Moonus (who may be “psy-groove-poetic-ilic excursions deluxe" but may not be, part of the fun of writing about Gluerooms is finding out about who’s playing) and The Reactorcore Is Splendid.

All together now: “The reactor core is splendid, it gives us light to read. Each sub-atomic particle is a friend indeed.”

Tendraw & The Gypsies Dog will also be appearing this Friday, 25th February, at central London music club Scaledown along with Blackheath-er Rebecca Closure. Scaledown is free to members (join on the door) and starts at 7pm upstairs at The King and Queen, 1 Foley Street London, W1.

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