Monday, February 28, 2005

Live in Rocklands

You can't keep a good bunch down and the Rocklands crew are back, with new players Beat Crazy, at busy old halls of the Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Rd, Rocklands (erm, that'll be New Cross) SE14.

The first night of their LIVE IN ROCKLANDS gigs will be on Wednesday 9th March, from 8pm until midnight and will cost 35/£3 concs. Playing are The Modern, "dark wave synth pop" apparently, Luxenbourg, "pop noir", and a band called William who do "weirdrock". I like the sound of weird rock.

DJs will include Simon Price of the Stay Beautiful club. Maybe see you there. Future nights will be posted up near the time but you can get more details on these, and loads of other things, at the Rocklands site.


Transpontine said...

Would that be Simon Price sometime music writer? I got stuck behind his hair at the St Etienne Christmas party once.

Scott Wood said...

That's the fella, there's a quick biog on the rocklands site but I couldn't be bothered with putting details of a Manic Street Preacher's biographer on Transpontine.