Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Lumiare de la Loup

There’s plenty of music out there and there’s plenty of film too. There’s film clubs out there too. Joining Exploding Cinema and My Eyes! My Eyes! is the equally well named WEREWOLF Underground Film Club. Their opening night is on Sunday, 6th March at the Funky Munky bar in fair Camberwell, 25 Camberwell Church Street, London SE5 and costs £4.

They will be showing the British Premiere (possibly the first film premier in Camberwell ever?) of FAITES VOS JEUX By AKAS and
Filmgruppe Chaos (‘in loose cooperation with the copyright violation squad’ apparently)

‘ FAITES VOS JEUX ‘ is, and I quote “a feature film made without a camera, a collection of pirated images/ 'samples' from home movies, adverts, art-videos, TV news, documentaries, game shows and movies from Hollywood to 'Bollywood'.”
So, perhaps, more like a film made on lots and lots of cameras, along with “doses of sandpaper, acid, felt-pens, 'Letraset', sharp blades and other devices” that tells the tale, somehow, of “a baby born in the seventies to the end of his life by suicide. Along the way the film explores political events, music, andmedia styles : the deaths of Germany's Red Army Faction (Baader-Meinhof Group) in a high-security prison, the rise of the punk movement, early eighties new wave culture, the Gulf War, the WTO-riot in Genoa and ultimately to a 'mega-media-mix' showdown of th eevents of 9/11 and the war against terror.

As I said about something else a while back, could be brilliant, could be a bit of old toss but it looks an interesting night. There’ll also be ‘Klassik shorts, live tv mixing and MC Ray Beam.’

Nearest tubes to the Funky Munky are the Oval and the Elephant & Castle, though there not that near, you’ll need to get a 12, 36, 436, 345 or 171 bus.


Anonymous said...

Wired Radio

Hello. Thought you might like to know that Wired Radio, the radio station for Goldsmiths, has started its month long FM broadcast today on 101.4 FM.

Also available online at

Anonymous said...

and speaking of film clubs:
My Eyes...My Eyes are back in New Cross on Friday 18th March at the Hatcham Social Club... if you've any short films you want shown get in touch NOW

Scott Wood said...

Hm, gizzus some more details and up it will go