Thursday, March 24, 2005

Addicts vs. The Witches

An interesting story of witchcraft and football appeared on the BBC website in January. Two teams, Yeovil Town and south-east London's own Charlton Athletic met at the end of January on the level playing field of a football match (something I neither like nor understand). However Yeovil had a supernatural advantage.
A witch (or wiccan says the story, though witches and wiccans are two different things), and Yeovil supporter, Raquel Bailey, and friends, had cast a bad luck spell, called the "cross-legged spell" on Charlton Athletic and their manager Alan Curbishley. This took place at a stone circle at Ham Hill, Somerset.
This sinster working had the intention of, Bailey hoped that, in her own words, "something funny" happen to the team's legs when they approach the goalmouth. "The spell is not evil, it's merely to help Yeovil in Saturday's FA cup game against Charlton," she said, thinking that doing something to footballer's legs as they start a footmatch match isn't, in some way, malicious.
And the result? Proof again that south-east London is magical as Charlton beat Yeovil 3-2, with one commentator saying of the match: "Charlton have struggled against lesser teams in cup matches but they finally broke their jinx to deny Yeovil a possible giantkilling but not before they were given a few frights on the way. "
Beware South-east London medicine. It is strong.

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