Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Loco-ation, loco-ation, loco-ation

Welcome to Rocklands
The next LIVE IN ROCKLANDS at Amersham Arms is on April 13th, a Wednesday, and features such thrash starlets as Johnny Panic ("passion, sincerity and downright tunefullness", read what you will from them having an XFM single of the week), Corporation:Blend ("best glam/punk vocals since early manics" and who are Transpontine to argue with that from the Daily Star), Korova (who have the best description here, they play “suitably distorted catchy songs" while "the guitar player repeatedly runs at his bass player as if to impale her, only to have the crap kicked out of him") and Electric Lady Band, who don't have a url to link to but we're told "the electric lady herself plays guitar".
388 New Cross Rd, Amersham Road entrance, Rocklands SE14 - 8pm-midnight. £5/(£3 concessions)

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