Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Six String (Paradise Regained)

I got locked out last Tuesday night, having lost the key on the very same day I decide to leave the flat without my mobile. I knew that someone would be home around ten-ish so I stayed in New Cross and went to the Six String Bar, formerly the Paradise Bar, and listened to a couple of solo bods. Katy Carr, who was on 2nd, played folk-ish stuff either accapella or on a keyboard and she was jolly good.
She even gave me a hug when I joined her email list, which doesn’t happen too often, I’m please to say. Certainly didn't happen when I joined 'Richard of Hume's' or The Gluerooms email list, anyway. So I checked out her website, where album tracks can be found and I was quite so keen but not to fret. T'was a nice night.

There's a "bloody great" Friday planned this Friday, March 25th, when XXIV Records (who ever they are) and our good, mad friends at Rocklands present a solo-show by Gemma Ray Ritual plus support and guest DJs at the Paradise, I mean Six String. GMR is worth checking out if you like your tunes a bit blue-sy and folk-sy. I've only heard the band but I'm sure the solo set will shimmer.
It's free before 8pm, £3/£2 after. £2 a pint, the Para, Six-String Bar is at 460 New Cross Road, SE14 6TJ

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