Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My Eyes My Eyes

New Cross is just getting too busy. As well as the promising Angular night at the Venue, 'My Eyes My Eyes'are holding a short film/performance event this friday (March 18th) at the Hatcham Social Club. As well as DIY short films there will be live performances from Liz Bentley with 'Dennis'; LepkeB premieres his dazzling 60s girl-group tribute; Duncan Reekie delivers his latest rant and a short and totally memorable slice of 'Grief Lite' for your discerning delectation. Doors 8pm til midnight.

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Anonymous said...

Rudi Must Fail!

thanks for the continuing support, promoting shows is getting to be harder, we faced prosecution by Lewisham Council over flyposting - after the lamposts etc were painted over then the following night were re-covered by MyEyes leaflets ... a local councilor happened upon them outside the Amersham and had a fit. Seems we have to get together and completely cover the place so there's nothing left or we leave contact numbers/details off the flyers and wait for the venues to put heavier pressure on us all to stop it. Either that or let the place become Guilliani'd...

Clive for My Eyes