Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hillaballoo - July 19th - South London Songs

Plans are coming along nicely for the Hillaballoo event in and around Telegraph Hill Park on Saturday July 19th. Confirmed activities and events include a local history walk by Malcolm Bacchus (Telegraph Hill Society), a camera obscura, an arts and crafts fair, Brief Encounter film night, sculpture, photography and much more beside.

As mentioned before Transpontine is sponsoring an afternoon acoustic music event as part of Hillaballoo, themed around South London Songs. Local singers and musicians will be doing short sets, with all of them agreeing to sing at least one song that mentions a South London location. Confirmed to take part so far are:

- Ceri James - talented local singer/songwriter with his first album due to be released later this week.
- Little Devils - New Cross rhythm & blues
- Brockley Ukulele Group - after several months strumming in Cafe Brocca, BUG makes its eagerly anticipated public debut!
- Quaggy River Boys.
- and... er... Neil Transpontine.

The event is scheduled to take place from 2 p m to around 3:30 pm next to the park in Cafe Orange, Kitto Road, SE14 (subject to confirmation of music license). Admission will be free.

We could probably still squeeze in a couple more acts, so do get in touch if you're interested (you can use the email at top of blog or leave your details in the comments section).


The Cat Man said...

Sounds great! Anyone going to sing London Bridge is falling down? (ok, techincally only half part in south london)!

Transpontine said...

you hum it, I'll play it.