Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cafe Crema this month

Various events at Cafe Crema this month...Align Center

Thursday film nights: Feb 26th - Like Water for Chocolate; March 5th - Bergman's Wild Strawberries (£6 includes film plus polenta or homemade cake and a glass of wine...Arrive at 7.30 for food; film starts at 8.15)

Music nights: Thursday 19th Feb - 'London's finest rocksteady/ska band, The Delegators (£6); Friday 20th Feb - Cafe Crema piano jam...'New Orleans New Cross. Bring your banjoes, trombones, ukuleles, tambourines and voices. Piano's just been re-tuned and is now at concert pitch' (free); Saturday 28th Feb -The Woodsmen 'jiving country-noir hillbilly blues' (£6)

Cafe Crema, 306 New Cross Road London SE14 6AF. 2mins from New x Gate tube and mainline. Easy on buses. mob 07905 961 876/ 07905 552 571.

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