Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fuck the Whiteboard

Your ear to the ground, finger on the pulse Transpontine (er... actually I read it in Time Out) brings you news of Fuck the Whiteboard, a project by New Cross photography student Al Harley and Russ Tannen. Basically it involves going round to clubs and bars and getting the slightly worse for wear punters to write messages on a white board. Their blog features local nights at Goldsmiths Students Union and Amersham Arms (below).


Brockley Nick said...

Hmm, I knew a guy who used to wander round bars and clubs with a big camera, because it was a great way to chat up women, pretending to be "something to do with the media".

I suspect the artists' inspiration may not have been much different.

Transpontine said...

Yes if you look at the pictures they don't seem to be exactly a random sample of punters. I also recall the scam where someone comes up to you in a club, takes your photo saying they work for Mixmag, and then calls you the next week trying to sell you the photo.