Friday, February 27, 2009

Goldsmiths Occupation

Earlier this month - from the 11 to 13 February - around 50 students at Goldsmiths students occupied the old Deptford Town Hall building in New Cross Road . They were successful in persuading Goldsmiths to offer two MA scholarships for Palestinian students of Al-Quds Open University in Nablus. The whole thing is documented on the Goldmsiths Occupation for Palestinian Scholarships blog.


Anonymous said...

the ongoing fetishising of the 'exotic oppressed' - if you're a girl in congo whose been macheted in the head or a working class lad in deptford just down the road from goldsmiths who will never get a chance of a decent education then you and yours are nothing in the eyes of these romanticist adventurers

Transpontine said...

I agree there is a selective sense of outrage involved in protesting about Gaza while blithely ignoring very similar events elsewhere - e.g. in Sri Lanka. I guess it's better to do something about one injustice than do nothing at all, although I am very wary of the nonsense spouted by some 'anti-zionists' (e.g. support for Hamas).

Anonymous said...

they did not achieve anything, the scholarships were good to go before the occupation, top brass fobbed them off, had they done a small amount of research they could have engaged college mgmt in discussions and achieved a great deal more,this particular gang of respect heads are far more interested in telling everyone they are left wing and everyone else is right.