Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snow blocks Tory New Cross Invasion

Snow and ice came to the aid of New Cross yesterday, as it prevented a visit by Tory leader David Cameron and his new pal Carol Vorderman. They were apparently due to visit Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham college (sites in Pepys and Jerningham Roads) to launch a new inititative on teaching maths.

Brockley Central has already noted that 'Vorderman is uniquely qualified to lead such a project, having capitalised on her adding-up skills to trouser a fortune plugging loan companies to the innumerate' (see Recess Monkey for more details of her dubious doings). In any event, even if Vorderman can add up that hardly makes her suited to reviewing the complex task of teaching numeracy. Still who needs educationalists when you can get washed up celebrities to determine education policy?

Wonder why Cameron chose Aske's? Politicians of all colours normally want to use schools within a short hop of Westminster (i.e. in inner London boroughs) for their publicity visits, and it is very hard for a school to say no to a visit. So maybe we shouldn't read too much into it. On the other hand, Telegraph Hill is the kind of demographic - often leftish middle class with memories of the days when the word 'Tory' was inevitably followed with the word 'scum' in everyday conversation - that Cameron hopes to swing with his faux 'I am a nice caring Liberal' routine. Whether the senior management of Aske's are cosying up to to Tories is another matter- even if the school does seem to go for a pseudo-Etonian ethos of private school trappings (ludicrous gowns for instance) and Victorian homilies ('serve and obey' is the school motto - hardly likely to encourage independent learning).

Anyway, snowballs at the ready in case there's an attempt to restage this visit.


Anonymous said...

With diatribe straight out of the 1980s. You've outdone yourself this time.

Anonymous said...

maybe Vorderman has been brought in to explain how the Tories plan to increase services while cutting funding ???

Yes I remember that last time

our schools and hospitals were falling down while the rich got richer

of yes you can trust the Tories to put the rich first

then again every member of the Tory front bench is a millionaire

tally ho

Anonymous said...

party of the rich
for the rich

tell me where they have changed policy on anthything from the 1980's

still the nasty party

Anonymous said...

why have the Tories said they will scrap "review" teachers pensions (average 7,000 a year)

maybe thats what cameron was telling them

Anonymous said...

no Cameron was going to unvail the Conservatives new committment to allow Fox hunting including Brockley

no doubt after seeing your photo of the fox

so the top priority for the Conservatives in a recession and melt down in capitalism is to unvail plans to bring back fox hunting

Anonymous said...

Clause 28
never forget never forgive