Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cycle power vs. defrocked priest on Nunhead Green

I didn't manage to get to as much of last month's Nunhead Arts Week as I'd hoped, but the cycle powered sound system on Nunhead Green Day (September 16th) was pretty impressive.

The music on the stage faced competition from local dancing defrocked priest and sometime Britian's Got Talent contestant Neil Horan. He seemed to have gate crashed the event by setting up outside with an amplifier for some of his unique Irish traditional dancing, along with signs exhorting 'People of Nunhead read the Bible' and 'Peace Dance for a New World - the Grand Prix and Marathon Priest'. All sounds very quaint and harmless, but you might take a different view if you were the Brazilian marathon runner whose chance of a gold medal he ruined at the 2004 Olympics. He also has some very dubious political views - in 2006 he was locked up in Germany for trying to stage a one-man pro-Hitler demonstration.


Brockley Nick said...

I have met that guy before and 'dubious' is an understatement. Didn't realise he was a Nunhead local, though did spot him jigging outside a shop there once.

Transpontine said...

Yes I've seen him in the shops around there a few times, in plain clothes. There are also other allegations, though of course he was cleared of child abuse charges at Woolwich crown court m'lud. Anyway he's got a bloody cheek wearing the Star of David considering he's on record as saying that Hitler did a good job! Like some other far right Christian cranks he seems to believe that God has dropped the real Jews and is going to switch to a load of rapturist fundamentalists instead as 'Adopted Jews'.