Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hatcham Social

Indie band Hatcham Social are taking the memory of that lost New Cross watering hole across the world. A article in the US Paste magazine explains the SE14 connection:

'The members of Hatcham Social used to live in London neighborhood New Cross. New Cross used to be called Hatcham, and it featured a watering hole called The Hatcham Social Club. The band took the name without asking, and now the club is for sale. Hatcham Social bassist Dave Fineberg, 28, says he’d like to buy it if his career ever takes off, but for now he’s living in Northwest London with his parents. “None of us really have any money,” he explains.
Perhaps that’ll change once his band’s debut, You Dig The Tunnel, I’ll Hide The Soil, starts circulating stateside. It’s an old-fashioned post-punk record that echoes the classic British bands of yore. “We like the trebly sound on the guitar,” Fineberg says. “And I play the bass, but I like to have a more trebly sound on the bass, because I think you get more clarity in the notes.” The angular “Hypnotise Terrible Eyes” sounds like an early Smiths outtake, the jangly “So So Happy Making” could be mistaken for Orange Juice, and the album’s woozy lead track is called “Crocodile,” sharing its name with an Echo & the Bunnymen album'.

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