Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One Eye Grey Halloween Events

One Eye Grey are hosting a series of Halloween themed events on the 27, 28 and 29th of October.

The first is the latest in their series of scary bike tours - Terrible tides and deathly docks: 'This one takes in plague pits, ghostly polar bears, spectral cats and nobility. There are also well hung pirates and hanging judges amongst the cast of Wapping tales and Thameside shocks on this cycle ride around the docks and old canals of Ratcliffe Meeting point: Spike on London Bridge (South Side of London Bridge). Time: 6.30pm, Tuesday 27th October 2009. This is a free event but as numbers are limited you must book through penny@fandmpublications.co.uk and obviously bring your own bike'.

On Wednesday 28th 7.30 – 10.00, Dark Waters at Brockwell Park Lido (Dulwich Road, SE24) features 'Scary stories and strange folklore at the poolside. Nigel of Bermondsey will play some haunting tunes and writers from the 21st century penny dreadful One Eye Grey will tell frightening and unusual Herne Hill tales including the one about the mermaid in the lido. Richard Woodhouse will read extracts from his novel Deathless which is set around a strangely familiar, yet clearly other, Brixton in which the Effra can still be waded through and the lido chefs will whip up a ghoulish goulash for the occasion. Free event but if you are eating it might be wise to book a table mailto:ableinfo@thelidocafe.co.uk and as always we’d like to know if you coming too mailto:penny@fandmpublications.co.uk.

Then on Thursday Spectres at the feast features table top ghost story telling at Dirty Dicks in Bishopsgate.

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IMR said...

If I can dare add a link to one of my own recordings in the Halloween spirit, here's some Pipistrelle bat sonar:


It was made along the river Ravensbourne near where Catford dog track once was, so they're south-east London bats at least.