Saturday, October 31, 2009

Release the Bats

How about a seasonal South London-flavoured halloween post on bats?

1. Earlier this year, a survey in Southwark Park found that the relatively rare Leisler’s bat (pictured)– formerly known by the much better name of the hairy armed bat – was living there.

2. Sydenham Hill Wood is 'the home of the Woodland Bat Roost Project, funded by the SITA Trust with additional help and money from Southwark and Lewisham Councils. This project aims to improve the wood for bats, where at least five species of bat have been spotted' (more from London Wildlife Trust).

3. The excellent London Sound Survey has a new recording made earlier this month of a Pipistrelle bat flying back and forth along a path near the Ravensbourne river in Ladywell Fields, south-east London (if I understand correctly this is actually a recording of the bat's sonar, recorded on specialist equipment so that we can listen to something that is not audible by the human ear).

4. You can find out much more about bats, including how to be more bat-friendly, at the Bats Conservation Trust.

5. Nick Cave was once interviewed for the NME in The Montague Arms, SE15 . Before he became a national treasure he was very scary in The Birthday Party who released the excellent Release The Bats:

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Bill Ellson said...

Over the years I have seen quite a few bats around Deptford Green / Watergate Street SE8.

Nice to see the video of the Birthday Party, I saw them more than once at the Moonlight Club in West Hampstead in about 1980/81