Monday, November 22, 2010

Hot Tap Theatre/Art Saves Lives in New Cross

Hot Tap Theatre has recently taken up residence in New Cross at a former industrial unit on the corner of Goodwood Road and Batavia Road (just back from Iceland on New Cross Road).

The theatre is one of the projects of Art Saves Lives, which is 'committed to finding space for any artist, writer or poet that feels for whatever reason they are marginalised by society, to help them to find and share their voice'. According to a profile in The Guardian: 'Hot Tap Theatre's creative director is playwright and artist Dean Stalham, who learned to write scripts while serving time in Wandsworth for dealing stolen art (Kenneth Clarke really should be paying attention). He set up umbrella organisation Art Saves Lives last year, and last month launched the 100-seat venue with the aim of staging six fresh plays by new writers annually. It's based in a defunct warehouse, the chairs are frayed old cinema seats, the stage was painted by homeless people, and the stage manager is Glaswegian Eve McDougall, who became an artist and author after being sent to prison for stealing food when she was 15'.

The current Hot Tap show (18th to 27th November)is 'The Disappearing Act', written and performed by Allan Royal and directed by Pam Brighton.

At the weekend they had a pop up Christmas craft fair (below) and they also host comedy and music nights.

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