Monday, November 29, 2010

Leslie Nielsen In Herne Hill

The Transpontine motto is 'there's always a South London angle...'

Didn't expect to find one about Leslie Nielsen, the US star of Airplane and Naked Gun fame who died at the weekend. Then this popped up via Max Tundra on Twitter:

Yes, there he is standing outside the Half Moon pub at Herne Hill. Seemingly it was 1988, and he was in town to film this cider commercial, which I assume was filmed inside the Half Moon:

They don't make Red Rock any more do they? It was a brand for Taunton cider.


Anonymous said...

weirdly I once saw him in a caff in Richmond.

Anonymous said...

Sad also to hear that controversial Lewisham-born writer on the paranormal/ evolutionary theory etc, Stan Gooch died recently. Actually it was on Monday 13th September, a date that probably would have had much significance for Gooch. I didn't find out until yesterday after finding his November obituary in the Telegraph:

Clare Griffiths said...

I remember the ad! Do they not make red rock anymore?