Saturday, November 06, 2010

Master Shipwright's Revelry

Kit & Cutter's ambitious folk nights at The Deptford Arms are much missed (I took part in their fine May Day Spectacular). Tomorrow night (Sunday November 7th) they are back in Deptford for a one-off special, a unique musical event at the Shipwrights Palace. To be honest this will be worth going to for the venue alone, never mind the diverse menu of top-notch music. There's only a few tickets left, but there will also be a few on the door. Ful details follow:

'Master Shipwright's Revelry: Sunday November 7th 2010, Watergate Street, Deptford, SE8 3JF, 4pm til late, £15/£10

So Kit & Cutter was cut adrift from our home on Deptford High Street and in the intervening months we’ve been mulling and floating along, wondering where we might wash up… And now we're back with a lifesaving hand from our friends at The Magpie's Nest for the biggest event we've ever attempted:

A twilight festival of sea songs, sessions, fireworks and folk on November 7th. In a secret Palace. In Deptford. The Master Shipwright’s Palace in Deptford, is opening its doors for the evening’s events (which take place in the private house's grounds, unique riverside wooden theatre and ballrooms), include performances by artists from the esoteric end of modern folk and world music, and art noise including: Spiro, Princes In The Tower, Mamane Barka (from Niger), Perunika Trio (from Bulgaria), City Shanty Band, Boat Band, Kidnap Alice, Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Ladywoodsman, Nick Hart …and more

Musicians amongst you please BRING YOUR INSTRUMENTS as there will be an open session and opportunities for floor spots. Throats and hips will be necessary for the singing and dancing.

There will be food, there will be drink, flotsam, jetsam, sparklers, spectres... There’ll also be a fire-lit ritual for a drowned sailor with river burial procession (we're not quite sure what this is yet but it will be invented shortly), plus lectures on London’s river faring traditions.

Tickets are £15 (bargain!) available from:

Unless you arrive via the river in which case you get in free'.

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