Tuesday, March 01, 2011

MC Eksman - Ruff Neck Cockney in Brockley

MC Eksman (real name Kevin Forrester, born 1980) is one of the world's foremost drum and bass MCs and he comes from Brockley (he is also a University of Greenwich graduate). Not only that but he has a great rhyme about driving through the streets of SE4 and in that familiar 'young black man in decent car' routine, getting pulled over by the police. Herbz mentioned here is another South London MC.

Too much undercover police on the streets
On the beat, stopping me, giving me bare grief

I'm a Ruffneck Cockney
Driving through Brockley
See a police car
Policeman want stop me

regular stop and search
step outside your car please
turn the ignition off
give me the car keys

police officer, woah that's harrassment
where you coming from, I said a Drum and Bass bashment
where was the bashment? Down in Stratford,
where you goin now I'm droppin Herbz back to Catford...


hilly said...

eksman's brother is remarc, one of the first, and most original manipulators of the amen break as used in drum and bass. squarepusher went on to become world famous for amen tricks, but he probably got most of his ideas from remarc.

a few years ago a couple of albums came out on planet mu in celebration of his early achievements and enduring influence.

mayu said...

In reply to "Ruff Neck Cockney in Brockley". Do you have any story about John Galliano's early years in Streatham or Brockley? His case is all the rage in Paris fashion week at the mo. A nasty drunken man on the Sun's video recalls few memories of my great SE London years.

Unknown said...

Please what set is this from?!!!

Unknown said...

Anyone know what set this is?