Friday, March 11, 2011

Music and Films at the Old Police Station

Interesting night coming up next Friday 18th March at the Old Police Station in New Cross (114 Amersham Vale, SE14), with three films, two bands and two live soundtracks.

Two of the films document 117 Lewisham Way, a Victorian villa demolished a few years ago and known in its last period as 'The Elephant House'. The films were made by David Aylward and Tom Scott-Kendrick, who will be accompanying the films live as Rabbit, the musical duo who often rehearsed at 117 Lewisham Way. The building was home to the South East London Synagogue for a period in World War Two (see earlier post).

The other film is George Lucas's 1971 movie THX1138, starring Robert Duvall. Music will be supplied by Ampersand.

The evening runs from 8 to 11 pm, with the show starting promptly at 8:45. And it's all free!

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