Friday, March 25, 2011

March Against Cuts: South London Feeder

Big day tomorrow, the national demonstration against cuts in central London will be the largest of the decade so far. Could be a tell your grandchildren you were there moment, like the poll tax demo in 1990 or the anti-war march in 2003.

There's a South London feeder march meeting up at 11am at Kennington Park, in the North Field next to Kennington Park Place, with supporters including Southwark and Lambeth Save Our Services, Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance, Radical Workers Bloc and the Latin American Coalition Against Cuts. From there people will be marching together to the Embankment to join the main demonstration, set to start at 12 then head to Hyde Park.

If you have, or are, a puppet you could join the Puppets for Protest bloc, meeting 11 am in Jubilee Gardens on the South Ban, behind the London Eye!

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