Sunday, March 20, 2011


If you've been in solitary confinement or trekking in the Himalayas recently you might not have heard about Meateasy. So just so you know - it sells burgers above a pub, get over it.

The pub in question is the Goldsmiths Tavern in New Cross, currently closed for refurbishment and due to be relaunched in May as the New Cross House. Meateasy is a temporary 'pop up' restaurant run by people who usually run the Meatwagon burger van. It does sound quite buzzy and I am tempted to pop down to one of its Friday night music sessions featuring the likes of Joe Muggs and Kongo Sound System. Trouble is being a vegetarian for nearly 30 years means that I'd rather put tabasco in my eye than eat there.

The place has been glowingly reviewed in The Metro and The Standard (Sexy feast: the most popular burger joint in town). Today it made it into the Independent on Sunday with the kind of condescending opening paragraph that makes me want to shout out loud: 'It's New Cross – a part of London I can't really identify, never mind find. Is it east or south? Isn't it one of those places without a Tube station?'. Is it too much to ask that a journalist could write about something in South East London without starting with a variation on omg where is it/will I get murdered?

Anyway Meateasy is due to close on April 16th but wouldn't be surprized if it popped up again more permanently.


Deptford dame said...

According to her review of Meateasy 'it's all about the meat'. Shame she couldn't apply the same criteria to the review, which as far as I can see is mostly about the journey and a load of old cliches about New Cross. If I was her commissioning editor I'd only be paying half her invoice...

Anonymous said...

went down there this eve and nosh was very good - though the fries were cold. Non alcholic cocktails were spot on. I used to go to the lagerdaleks as it was and never knew there was a room up top. Good space and good vibe. enjoy it while lasts!