Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bermondsey Musical History Walk

Interesting Bermondsey walk coming up - also one in Wapping for those across the river:

'Surrey & Middlesex Dockside Unity Arts Outreach Project presents chat and song musical history walks. Think of them as a series of short concerts. Think of them as a walking tour. Think of them as really top days out with ace tunes and chatter from Chris Roberts and Nigel of Bermondsey (accompanied by Stuart Forrester). At every stop there are short tales about the area and also a song about the location. Walks last about two hours, are free and end at a pub. However numbers are limited so we would like you to book by contacting: penny@fandmpublications.co.uk

April 16th Bermondsey: Cross Bones to Old Justice. Start 4PM Crossbones Graveyard Redcross Way & Union Street. London Bridge tube. The Bermondsey Suite: The outcast dead and literary greats, medical oddities and pure collectors, London folktales and lost rivers make appearances in this stroll from Borough to the waterfront at Bermondsey. Sometimes it’s better not knowing what lies beneath the streets but if you are sure you’d rather find out then this is the time to do it.

April 29th Ratcliffe & Wapping: Cable Street to Wapping waterfront. Start 2PM Old Town Hall Cable Street. Shadwell or Tower Bridge tube. Terrible Tides and deathly docks: Political riots, staked murderers, escaped tigers, ghostly polar bears and the dreaded witch of Wapping all feature in this two hour amble round E1. There are also well hung pirates, hanging judges and other Thameside shocks around the old docks and back streets of one of London’s spikier boroughs. What better way to spend a happy day?'

Further details: http://www.fandmpublications.co.uk/pages/pennydreadfulevents.htm

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