Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Waiting Room

Following Deptford Dame's recommendation I checked out The Waiting Room, the new coffee place at 142 Deptford High Street. It's near the train station, in the row that includes Kids Love Ink and the retro clothes shop.

It's a small place and I guess will function mainly as a refuelling stop for people grabbing a coffee as they head to the market or to catch a train - it is opening pretty much 7am to 7 pm, so will definitely meet the need for that early morning hit.

There is a sofa and some bar stools so you can sit in (I did), though I think you could only fit six or seven people in there so don't turn up with a huge group thinking you are all going to sit round a table - it's not that kind of place. What it does do is serve very good coffee and a range of home made cakes - I had the lemon polenta which was just the right moist place on the dry to sticky continuum.

It also has a book swap shelf which currently has some very interesting titles - quite a few Philip K Dick and surrealist books. If you are going to avail yourself of these, make sure you take something decent down to replace them with - I don't want it all to be Jeffrey Archer books next time I go in!

Anyway good luck to them, good to see something socially useful opening up rather than yet another betting shop.

(yes I know, not a very good photo but have you tried taking pictures of shop fronts on the High Street on market days?)


Deptford Dame said...

It definitely scores for Deptford's best coffee. Cake report coming soon!

Beanie said...

Haven't tried their coffee yet, but Creekside Cafe in Deptford would take some beating - it's delicious!

Beanie said...

I love the coffee at Creekside Cafe. I will have to give The Waiting Room a try though.