Friday, April 01, 2011


Previously at Transpontine we have acknowledged the wondrous loveliness of Katy B and her Peckham and New Cross connections. An interview in this week's Guardian reveals further details: 'Born Kathleen Brien ("the most Irish name ever") to a plumber father and postwoman mother, Katy grew up in Peckham, south-east London and learned her trade as a vocalist on the underground dance scene... I went to FWD [Rinse's legendary dubstep/grime night in east London] every single week. But I had work the next day, so I'd be the first one there at 10, on my own, then I'd leave at 12 to get the night bus home." Where were you working? "In Lewisham, in JD Sports. But it was alright. I didn't even have a hangover, 'cos I couldn't afford to drink."

(love the new single Broken Record, reminds me of Let Me Be Your Fantasy by Baby D, a track that for some reason always makes me think of the Venue in New Cross - remember dancing to that track there at some point in the 1990s)

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Unknown said...

I looking to contact Katie B to find out about her dad David Brien who I grew up with in camberwell and later travelled all over GB & europe playing in two bands the Objects and the Summerset I have known Dave for over 40 years but lost touch about seven years ago I am being treated for Cancer and would like to see dave again and of course his wife