Thursday, April 07, 2011

Spoken word night at Social Centre Plus

Deptford Social Centre Plus - the occupied Job Centre office next to Iceland at 120 Deptford High Street - may be be getting evicted soon. But determined to go out with a bang they are packing in as many events as they can.

Tomorrow (Friday 8th) they are hosting an evening of spoken word and poetry featuring, among others:

CAPTAIN OF THE RANT: 'Angry, sharp, passionate and energetic, Captain of the Rant has been named "one of the best new performance poets I've ever seen" by Attila the Stockbroker and has wracked up hundreds of gigs all over the UK'.

STEPHANIE DOGFOOT: 'Calm, intelligent, sharp poetry and stories from this wonderful new talent'.

ANT SMITH: 'Easily the loudest, most-rage-filled poet working today, Ant Smith blares out righteous acapella song poems with gusto and wit'.

From 8:30pm, admission free, facebook event details here.

On Monday (11 April, 7 pm) they are having a meeting, 'Anti-Cuts: What Next?... After a short introduction, the meeting will break down into working groups in order to discuss and coordinate strategies of fighting back against the brutal cuts agenda'.

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