Thursday, May 19, 2011

Attempted Murder in Penge

I had the good fortune at the weekend to be invited to a party at the Magic Circle HQ near Euston, the home of stage magicians. Yes, there are shrines there for David Nixon, Ali Bongo and Tommy Cooper.

There's also a small museum with a fine collection of old posters. There's one from the Crystal Palace and this one: 'Illusions never before ATTEMPTED as thrilling as MURDER are being performed by the great Horace Goldin IN the Empire Theatre PENGE - all the week twice nightly'.

Horace Goldin (1873-1939), born Hyman Elias Goldstein, came to London via Lithuania and Nashville. Not sure when he was in Penge, but the Penge Empire opened in 1915.

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Unknown said...

Lets not forget our own Catford based magician (and I believe Magic Circle member) The Great Nodgo-