Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Utrophia on the Move

Utrophia has been running as an arts/music space for a couple of years in the old ice cream factory at 136 Tanners Hill in Deptford, but they have to move out by the end of June as the building is due to be demolished to make way for housing.

There's a few final events next month, including a Norwegian artists' group show from 6th-18th June entitled Show Me Your Chakra! and an Alt Folk night on 18th June with This is the Kit, Rozi Plain and Mouth 4 Rusty. The moving out part is on 24th June with an 'evening of art, music, homemade food, performances, film and more to say farewell to the Ice Cream Factory'.

But all is not lost. Utrophia have moved before - they were originally at The Engine House at 49 Greenwich High Rd, and also ran the Deptford Properly cafe for a while (now the location of Deptford Deli). And they will shortly be moving again into another yet to be disclosed address.

I picked up a few books and other bits at their jumble sale last week. Deptford Market style I feel obliged to put one of them back into the public realm, at least digitally. This Jewish New Year prayer book was published in New York in 1911 and is now in pretty bad condition, with woodworm holes and a broken spine. It seemingly belonged to one M.L. Davidson of San Diego, California, who has signed the title page. Elsewhere is the hand written date 9 September 1911, perhaps the date the book was bought - Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year occurred on 22 September that year. Who knows how the book ended up in Deptford, but any descendents stumble across this, they can have it.

There's an interview with Utrophia over at Alternative SE4

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why oh why oh why does everything have to be turned into housing???