Tuesday, May 03, 2011

New Cross GP critiques NHS changes

Confused about the NHS 'restructure' and what it really means? This excellent film by Anne-Marie Sweeney produced for Keep Our NHS Public and Health Emergency features Dr Louise Irvine, a GP at the Amersham Vale Practice in New Cross (based at the Waldron Health Centre). She gives the clearest explanation I have heard about this so far, highlighting how-

- the changes will result in GPs being given responsibility to make cuts, policing their clinical decisions to save money at the expense of parents needs;
- GPs will be encouraged to give contracts to provide health services to multinational companies competing with NHS hospitals, effectively privatising the provision of health care;
- a competitive market will undermine collaboration betwenen GPs, hospitals and other health services.

Wake Up Call Episode 2 "A Betrayal of Trust" from Health Emergency on Vimeo.

(nice footage of Deptford High Street too)

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