Thursday, May 12, 2011

Peckham Rye in Bloom

The Sexby Garden in Peckham Rye park is lovely at this time of year.

The garden was orginally laid out in the 1890s, and was restored in 2004/5. According to London Gardens Trust: 'Peckham Rye Common has been a popular open space for centuries. Over the centuries local residents battled to prevent development of the common. Finally in 1868 Camberwell Vestry purchased the rights of the Lord of the Manor of Peckham Rye to preserve the common as a public open space. Pressure on the space led the authorities to extend the public open space by the purchase, for £51,000 in 1892, of the 51-acre Homestall farm next to the common. This was laid out as Peckham Rye Park by Lt-Colonel J.J. Sexby, the London County Council's first Superintendent of Parks. Over 100,000 people attended its opening in May 1894'.

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Ruby said...

I lived near Peckham Rye for several years in the 90s and used to visit regularly. When I went back for the first time recently I was pleasantly surprised by all the improvements and I particularly liked the Sexby Garden. I just hope Southwark Council continue to fund the work that must be necessary to keep it looking so lovely.

The cafe is a great addition too although unfortunately it didn't seem to be coping too well with the level of demand when we were there on a Sunday afternoon.