Tuesday, July 23, 2013

EDL splinter group in South London on Saturday

The English Volunteer Force is a far right splinter group from the English Defence League. Charmingly it takes its name from the murderous Ulster Volunteer Force, responsible for numerous killings during the Irish conflict.

On Saturday 27th July 2013 they are planning an anti-immigration protest outside Lunar House  (40 Wellesley Rd), the immigration office in Croydon. Anti-racists including Croydon Migrant Solidarity and South London Anti-Fascists will be gathering to oppose them from 11:30 am.

There is also intelligence that afterwards the EVF members may join other extreme right wing groups in trying to march through Woolwich and/or Lewisham.

South London Anti-Fascists state that 'People will be assembling later in the day to stop the march at the junction of Deptford High Street and New Cross Road, at 3:00 p.m'. Exactly what happens on the day is unpredictable, as SLAF advise: 'Racist groups are notorious for changing their plans at the last minute; in any case, they state they want to be at multiple locations through the day. Therefore, we suggest bringing an adequately topped-up Oyster card in case we need to travel. This means we can travel safely in groups rather than dispersing on our own'.

South London Anti-Fascists Call Out here

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