Friday, July 05, 2013

London & Brighton: a pub vanishes

This empty patch of land on the corner of Queens Road and Asylum Road SE15 is all that's left of the recently demolished London & Brighton pub. As discussed here previously, the pub was closed in 2008 though it had an after life as a squatted centre putting on gigs and parties.

The pub will  be replaced with housing by London & Quadrant. Of course we need more social housing, but we also need spaces for people to socialise and enjoy themselves.

photo from Pubshistory - the site suggests that its names comes from being on the corner of London and Brighton roads. Not sure about that though, Queens Road is the London Road but Asylum Road isn't the Brighton Road. Maybe when the pub opened you could get direct trains from Queens Road station to Brighton?


Nick Barber said...

Named after the London,Brighton and South Coast Railway (known as the London & Brighton) which passed nearby.

Unknown said...

It was the best pub around. Had many a great time there. Old school pub. Had a great community back in the days. What a loss X