Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lewisham Hospital Judgement Day

Wednesday July 31st is an important day in the campaign to keep emergency and maternity services open at Lewisham Hospital, with the judgement due on the legal challenges to the closure plans brought by the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign and Lewisham Council.

People will be gathering at the Royal Court of Justice at 10:30 am for the announcement, and win or lose the campaign is calling on people to come to the hospital at 5 pm to celebrate or show determination to continue the fight.

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Tamsin said...

The Campaign and the Council won the day and we've been celebrating. But Hunt has put in an appeal - hard to see on what grounds - and also said that the legislation will be amended (effectively - although they wont say this - to allow Trusts failing because of PFI debts to be shored up by the closure and disposal of neighbouring facilities not so burdened).

As Deadeye Moody says "constant vigilance!". We must oppose this vigorously when it comes. In the meantime no harm in signing a petition (which will undoubtedly be ignored but will be grist to the publicity mill) asking Hunt not to waste taxpayers money appealing the judgment.