Monday, June 14, 2010

Deptford Rock against Racism, 1978

Transpontine has previously featured Colin 'Bo' Bodium's 1970s/80s posters for the Deptford Albany, currently on display there in the cafe. Here's another one that wasn't originally included in the exhibition, from 1978 advertising nights 'presented by the Combination in conjunction with Rock Against Racism' (Combination was a radical theatre project based there).

Biggest name on here is clearly Dire Straits, shortly before they moved on from the Crossfields Estate to global stardom. Support Rubber Johnny were, I believe, the Combination house band. A week later (May 25th) Misty and The Ruts played there. The following Thursday's Rock Against Racism benefit featured reggae from Psalms, Patrick Fitzgerald (best known for 'I've got a safety pin stuck in my heart) and punk band Menace. Believe they are still going and released an album 'Live in Bermondsey'.

Note also there was a Brockley Boogie Band!


bob said...

I thought Patrick Fitzgerald was most famous for "You're too busy fighting your irrelevant battles to see what going on in your own back yard", but there you go...

Tyrwhitt Michael said...

Interestingly the lead singers of both the Brockley Boogie Band and Rubber Johnny still live locally and can be seen drinking every now and thenin the Talbot in Tyrwhitt Road.