Friday, June 11, 2010

Hacienda on the Hill

Brockley Max festival finished last weekend with Hacienda on the Hill. Hilly Fields was nice and busy, just like a real festival... I know that sounds patronising, what I mean is that it didn't feel like just a handful of passers-by watching their mate's band. Bumped into a few people (including Bob from Brockley and Scott Wood), sat in the sunshine, heard some good music, what more could you want?

I particularly enjoyed Maracatudo Mafua, samba from Brazil's Northeast State of Brazil - Pernambuco via Brockley.

Seemingly I missed the later restaging of the Wicker Man in the stone circle by Decodance - anybody who was there care to describe it?
There also's a whole page of photos in this weekend's South London Press


Anonymous said...

Well I can't describe it as an observer, as I was too busy hugging giant stones in the magical circle, but some of my favourite descriptions from the audience members can be found here:


bob said...

Just saw this after posting some of the same links yesterday! I missed Maracatudo Mafua, and the Wicker Man.

John Moonbow said...

So glad everyone seemed to have a good time, there were some amazing moments, one I missed but heard about (and the soundman’s, Saner, fav moment) was caught on YouTube here: and some great photos from Rupert Hitchcox: and of course you meeting one of your own legends, the lead guitarist from Le Mat (1981), who were unable to perform on the day due to the drummer having to wash the car or something! Thanks to everyone for coming, it was a showcase not only of local performance talent but of loads of people giving there skills and time for free to make the two days feel like a ‘real’ festival. Cheers

Moira said...

It was a great nine days, so thank you to all the performers, artists and volunteers. Feedback has been wonderful and some of the highlights were Fil Straughan - the disco god, Andrea Mann, "Next stop New Cross" revue, the Congalese Rhumba Masterclass, and many more special moments. Gill Fraser and I hope you all enjoyed our programme of over 60 events. Thanks also to John and the team who worked so hard for us at Hacienda On The Hill.