Friday, June 18, 2010

New Cross resident celebrates 100th birthday in Sainsburys

Feelgood story in today's South London Press about Ivy Osborne, of Arbuthnot Road, SE14, celebrating her 100th birthday in New Cross Sainsburys, where she has been shopping since childhood (not in that store obviously, it only opened about ten years ago). I've seen her and her sister walking around, no idea they were of such venerable age. Local historian me would love to interview them.

Presumably they don't spend their time in New Cross Sainsbury's like me, bemoaning its apparent downgrading and subsequent reduction in vegetarian diversity.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear on your last sentence, from a frustrated vegan

TMB said...

And a lady in the White House in Kender street who's 104 and recalls the newspaper posters announcing the outbreak of WW1. And moving house - the costs being £1 for the hire of the cart, a shilling to pay the man and a penny for oats for the horse. (Although not sure about that - it sound rather too pat.)