Thursday, June 03, 2010

Margins Music at the Albany

Good night promised at the Albany in Deptford on Saturday (5th June), with Dusk & Blackdown presenting their recent album Margins Music live for the first time. The album could loosely be described as an aural portrait of contemporary London life, encompassing dubstep, grime and South Asian musical flavours. To make it work live, they will be working with a band including British Asian musicians and singers and grime MCs (including Durrty Goodz and a special guest). All this plus some specially commissioned film.

Details here.

They have been in rehearsals at the Albany for the last week or so, as Martin 'Blackdown' Clark writes at his blog: 'I didn't know Deptford before... but it's an amazing place in the epic sunshine, as it has been this week. Bowling past the African shops selling snails as big as a grapefruit or through the bustling second hand market full of clapped-out guitars, piles of shoes and busted stereos on a Wednesday, makes me think I couldn’t have found myself in a more suitable place to try and build a Margins Music Live project'.

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