Monday, June 28, 2010

Lewisham Socialist Blogs

Chris Flood and Ian Page were the two Socialist Party councillors for Telegraph Hill ward who lost their seats in the election last month. Along with most of the Green Party councillors in Lewisham they were swept away by people turning out to vote Labour in an attempt to keep out the Tories in the general election, most of whom seemed to have also voted Labour locally (a similar turnout in Southwark saw Labour take the Council from the Lib Dem/Tory coalition).

Anyway they've now moved from the Council chamber to the Blogosphere with the new Socialist Alternative blog - early posts include an interesting one about housing policy, focusing on Lewisham's creation of 'Lewisham Homes' as an 'arms length' body to manage council housing.

Meanwhile Nick Long's Green Socialist blog has a national focus, but he is based in Lewisham and seems to have been involved in the Lewisham People not Profit election campaign.

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