Friday, January 07, 2011

Miley Cyrus and her New Cross Tattoo

I have google alerts set up for New Cross and Brockley. This means that every time there is a news story for either of these, I get sent an email (try it for your pet subject if you haven't already). Of course this results in a lot of false positives - I now know far more than I ever need to know about Brockley Whins in Tyneside, and I have lost count of the number of stories I've opened which turn out to be about 'New Cross border agreements between country x and country y'. I gave up with a similar experiment for Deptford after a couple of weeks of being overwhelmed with news about Deptford, New Jersey.

Had a very disappointing one today - headline 'Miley Cyrus Debuts her New Cross Tattoo'. What? Miley got pissed on a trip to London and ended up at Fantasy Tattoo (actually just in Nunhead) or Kids Love Ink (Deptford)? We've all done it. Or maybe she's had a tattoo of the Venue, Goldsmiths College or The New Den to remember happy times in South East London?

No sorry, none of these things. She's just had a really lame tattoo of a cross on one of her fingers. Could have done a lot better if she had turned up at Fantasy or Kids Love Ink. I have a very nice love heart with wings done by 'Swedish Tommy' at the former all those years ago. Come on Miley, next time you want a tattoo come down our way and get it done properly.

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Raven said...

Very good. Via the same Google alert method, I got excited about Keith Sweat coming to play this Feb at the <a href='>Bob Hope Theatre</a>, our very own Eltham theatre. Surely not, this is amazing, we must book.

Turned out he was playing at the Bob Hope Theatre in the States...