Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Cross Fire Memorial Window

The 1981 New Cross Fire is commemorated in a stained glass windown at St Andrews Church in Brockley Road. The Church was strongly associated with the tragedy, with funerals and memorial services for the young victims held there.

The window was installed in 2002. According to the artist, Nicola Hopwood 'Following extensive consultation with families and friends of those who died and with church members, the window was designed to celebrate the young lives lost and to acknowledge directly the pain felt over many years by those closest to them. The symbolism suggests a journey from suffering (violet and purple) to triumph (red and gold) against a background of blue - healing and spirituality. The spiralling white shapes are free spaces for personal thoughts, memories and prayers'.

An event to mark the 30th anniversary of the fire is taking place at the Albany in Deptford on January 14th.


Filceolaire said...

That is beautiful.

Did you take this photo? Any chance that you might let Wikipedia use this in their article on the New Cross Fire? It's not a bad article but this would enhance it.

Upload it here:
Make sure your description tells why it is important.

. said...

Yes, it's a good work.

The photo is actually from the artist's website. I might try and take my own photo for Wikipedia. Incidentally, I started the New Cross Fire wiki page a few year ago because I was surprized there wasn't one already. Glad to see it has improved since my skeletal efforts.