Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anti-Cuts Latest

After a break over Christmas, things are hotting up again in the movement against cuts.

Lewisham Anti Cuts Alliance

Lewisham Anti Cuts Alliance were out in the town centre on 15th January protesting at the threatened closure of the Opening Doors employment advice agency. They have a planning meeting tonight (Tuesday 18th), 7 pm upstairs in the Amersham Arms, SE14. There's also a plan for a Lewisham Carnival march against the cuts on February 19th.

Goldsmiths Fights Back

A new group at Goldsmiths is meeting this week, here's their call out:


The Government's destruction of education continues in the face of massive opposition from students. Meanwhile the management of Goldsmiths and other universities across Britain remain completely obedient to the ConDem programme and continue to ignore our demands.

Goldsmiths students and staff have already protested and occupied in opposition to the management and government’s attack on education. We intend to continue the struggle, and we are calling this meeting to bring people together to discuss the next step in the fightback at Goldsmiths.

Please come down and join us for an open discussion about the current situation. All students, academic and support staff, local anti-cuts groups, and supporters are invited to exchange ideas and work together to coordinate further action.

Everyone's ideas and input are welcome, and we hope that this meeting will help us to both regroup and expand.

Who we are:

Goldsmiths Fights Back is formed out of those involved in recent occupations and is open to anyone who wants to resist the imposition of fees and cuts at Goldsmiths and beyond.

What unites us:

We are a group that has come together in opposition to the cuts, in education and across the public sector.

Education is a right for all!

We act in solidarity with all those affected and all groups organising in resistance against these ideologically-motivated attacks on the whole of society.

What we aim to do:

Take action to oppose and resist the Government that is orchestrating these cuts, and the institutions that are attempting to impose them.

Raise engagement with the issue of the cuts and their impacts, amongst Goldsmiths students and the wider community.

Build a network with other university occupations, schools and sixth forms, workers and communities.

Imagine and demonstrate a new educational paradigm, and a society that is equitable, just and creative.

Venue details: The Stretch, Student Union, Goldsmiths College, 8 Lewisham Way, London SE14 6NW.

For more information contact: info@goldsmithsfightsback.org.uk'

Arts Against Cuts

Jack Hutchinson reports on the Arts Against Cuts event in Camberwell last weekend.

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