Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Residency at the Royal Albert

The Royal Albert is a fine pub, even if for some of us it's hard not to recall some great music nights in that place when it was the Paradise Bar. You know you go in there and there's some terrible football on the screen and you stare in to your pint and wistfully mumble about the night you saw The Long Blondes or Art Brut or even spent a whole evening at a Belle & Sebastian fan convention.

But hey it's not as if they don't have any music there now, and among other things there is a montly DJ residency by er... 'Residency' (Alex Cordiner and Richard Goff) playing house, electro, disco, indie, pop and whatever else takes their fancy. It's not so much a club, more just a night in the pub with some decent music, though you're welcome to try out a few moves. Their next session is next Friday the 14th January.

Alex Cordiner produces music under the name Lusty Zanzibar - among other things he has been working with the great singer Billy Ray Martin on The Crackdown Project - this is a cover of the Cabaret Voltaire track Crackdown:

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