Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Deptford Social Centre Plus

Last weekend, the former Deptford Job Centre offices were occupied with a view to turning the building into a 'community anti-cuts space'. The occupiers say:

'We have occupied the disused Deptford Job Centre as a response to the brutal cuts to public services being carried out at both a local and national level. We aim to clean the place up and convert it into Social Centre Plus: a new public space for members of the local community here in Deptford and the surrounding area, that we can share, contribute to, and create a truly social building and a hub of local opposition to the cuts programme. This is a self-organised space, run by people from a variety of backgrounds and we are not in any political parties'.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 16th March) they will opening the doors for an open day with a programme including:

'12-2pm Lunchtime café: bring your own food or share some of ours

6-7pm Open doors: come in for a cuppa and a chat, before…

7pm Short films: a selection of short films about the recent history of Deptford and its surrounding area. There will also be an evening café with more food.

8pm Hollywood blockbuster: the cinema night will end with a fantastic, brand spankin’ new Hollywood film!

Any questions, come and knock on the door or email us at mailto:socialcentreplus@gmail.com

Check out https://socialcentreplus.wordpress.com/ for updates.

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Rocklands ArtBeat said...

good to see the jobless centre employed X :)

Unknown said...

"Wednesday 16th January"? :p

Transpontine said...

oops, date now amended!