Monday, August 01, 2011

Come the revolution

Lewisham People Before Profit, who campaign against cuts among other things, are set to open a new space in New Cross Road. Come the Revolution is more or less opposite the Royal Albert.

The poster on the door advertising for staff suggests that it will offer a 'new social space, tea room, meeting room, shake bar, coffee bar, wifi, snacks', seven days a week. There's more detail at Ray Woolford's Lewisham Campaigner blog, where he states that it will open in August: 'Each day the Cafe will offer tea and crumpet for just £1, or a hot meal any time as the daily special for just £2. Gourmet burgers with salad and oven baked chips with a Drink will cost just £5, we are selling organic and fair trade as much as possible, so prices are fast food, but you will get quality. The space will also offer a free Advice centre and will have a proper Campaigns Office for Lewisham People Before Profit. The No to Convoys Wharf Campaign and many others will be based here'.

The Cafe seems to be sharing premises with Housemartins, the independent estate agents. Ray Woolford, the director of Housemartins, stood as a candidate for Lewisham People Before Profit in a local election in New Cross last year.


Anonymous said...

Ray Woolford work tirelessly for the local community - a good man not afraid to stick his head above the parapet

DAVE BONES said...

and their ice cream is the best I have tasted since getting back from Sicily. I predict great things for this space.