Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Bookshop for New Cross?

It's sad that there is no bookshop in the whole of New Cross and Deptford (barring Christian bookshops), and strange too that there isn't even one in an area next to a major university - Goldsmiths. So it's very exciting that plans are at an advanced stage for a new radical bookshop in New Cross Road.

Bookbloc have already operated a 'pop up' bookshop at Auto Italia, the artist-run project space on Old Kent Road. They are currently finalising negotiations with Goldsmiths for the use of a shop front owned by the college in New Cross Road - I believe on the corner of Laurie Grove opposite the New Cross House (same row as Cafe Crema and Prangsta). That place was squatted about 8 years ago and later degenerated into a bit of a crack den, so needs a bit of work before it can be opened.

The shop would stock radical/critical literature, as well as art and other books. They also hope to use the space for some wider community events. Good luck to them, I really hope this comes off.


E.A. said...

OOOH this would be very exciting and good indeed - I am also surprised at the lack of good bookeries considering Goldsmith's presence...

Bookbloc said...

Thank you for spreading the word!
We really hope it comes it comes off too, thanks for your support,

very best,

Anna (Book Bloc)

Anonymous said...

Are you saying there's no bookshop in Goldsmiths?! Surely some mistake, and the curricula alone must demand 25% Marxist tracts. Of course no reason why there shouldn't be more. So why not some sodding anarchists as well? Thank God for the volunteers at the old library, where you might get something you actually might want to read, like a good thriller, though probably not, since it'll be donated by some bloody ex-Goldsmiths student now married with kids and living in Telegraph Hill.

Anti-Grouch League said...

There was a substantial Waterstones in Goldsmiths until a few years ago, now I believe there is a much reduced Blackwells that doesn't open at weekends and in the holidays.

Yes good luck to the library people too, if you don't like what other people are donating maybe donate some of your own! (mind you then you will presumably have already read them).

No one is going to make you go this or any other bookshop, if it doesn't sound like your cup of tea go somewhere else or maybe start your own Victor Meldrew Bookshop.