Friday, August 19, 2011


'Two pints of Lager and a Packet of Crips please' by Splodegenessabounds must be the greatest ever punk track from SE15. Released in 1980 it was actually a b-side to their debut Simon Templar single, but courtesy of John Peel it was this song that got most attention and propelled the single to number 7 in the charts.

The band's wikipedia page says they were formed in Keston, Bromley and indeed I met someone from there recently who was babysat as a nipper by the band's Baby Greensleeves. However they then relocated and just before this single's release the band were interviewed by the South London Press at 'their base in a Nunhead council flat' (SLP 9 April 1980). Elsewhere on line they are referred to as 'Peckham-based piss-artist pranksters'.

Not sure if Max Splodge had any particular pub in mind when he wrote this song, on the Crystal Palace supporters forum somebody suggests that it was the Downham Arms wherever that may be (the only one I could find online is in Wickford, Essex). Anyway, that might just be folklore.

The band were managed at the time by Dave Long, who lived in Albion Way, Lewisham (Mercury, 16 July 1981). He also managed the band Case, and was involved in the Oi punk scene with his record labels Syndicate and Victory.


spincat said...

Is the Downham Tavern, Downham Way. Not sure if still going but think so. Haven't been there since I lived at Lee Green in the 80s. Most likely was the inspiration for...

creepylesbo said...

The Downham Tavern on Downham Way is very much still going. It's where a number of stabbings have occurred over the last year. One resulted in a murder.